Vigeo does not Believe in boilerplate solutions

  • High degree of flexibility. We don’t have a fixed time horizon. There are no entry and exit timelines that most traditional PE funds are beholden to. We seek to maximize Owner/Investor/Management alignment and always make entry/exit decisions while considering the context of the Macro economy. We have no ulterior motives that undermine the best interest of other owners/investors/management.
  • Proven track record of building successful businesses. Vigeo management has built and sold businesses which have realized owners/shareholders over $2.5 Billion worth of value.
  • Strong network of specialists and experts. Our connections span multiple industries and verticals and provide us with a broad net to cast to when seeking potential operating partners for you to work with and support your business strategies and growth objectives.
  • No politicking . Vigeo has only one Majority LP.  Decisions are made quickly without having to worry about internal decision tug -a-wars.
  • Willing to commit to your long term success.  We understand that sometimes even the best ideas take time to materialize into their ultimate potential. We are willing to invest in resources/new controls/technology that will help push your business towards long term success.
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