Our Mission

Vigeo was established in 2017 through the merger of an existing portfolio of assets, built on years of successful investing, together with a vision for creating a long term, sustainable, and non-traditional asset management firm.

Vigeo aims to make long-term value add control and minority investments in real estate properties and operating companies across the U.S., with a preference towards the West and South. 

Vigeo leads where it has an edge. Leveraging a combined 30+ years of building and investing in companies in the Energy, Industrial, and Infrastructure markets.

Vigeo learns where it sees opportunity. Tapping into and partnering with a global network of experts and operating partners across a wide spectrum of markets and assets classes.

Vigeo invests in visionaries. We seek out entrepreneurs and business owners who have a deep seeded desire to grow their business. We back leaders who wish to stay involved with their business and join with us to take the newly formed partnership towards a new strata of success.

Vigeo provides value through access to capital, strategic guidance, necessary systems and technological upgrades, and access to a network of industry experts and knowledge leaders.

Vigeo is sourced through a single provider of capital which allows us the flexibility to make business decisions which are in your best long-term interests. We invest without limitations on industry, financing structure, or time horizon.  We always make entry and exit investment decisions considering the broader context of the Macro-economic cycle.

Come thrive with us.

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We pride ourselves on being a flexible company, where nothing is "off limits", however, we find ourselves gravitating towards businesses which are:

  • Well run companies missing the capital/strategic direction to turn them into great companies.

  • Companies with strong FCF. Enduringly profitable through the ups and downs of economic cycles.

  • Companies with strong, disciplined management teams who are committed to the long-term vision of their firm and willing to roll-over a share of their equity into a combined partnership with Vigeo.

  • Companies with recurring customer bases (MSA’s preferred) with low concentration.
  • Preference towards companies with low CAPEX and working capital requirements.

  • Mission critical services or products. A small part of a critical system.

  • Companies with economic moats and defensible market positions.